Southern California Edison’s Charge Ready Home Program

If you live in a single-family residence and need to upgrade your home’s electrical panel to install an electric vehicle charger, SCE’s Charge Ready Home program makes it more affordable. Eligible SCE customers can receive up to $4,200 in rebates. Apply today so you can conveniently charge your electric vehicle (EV) at your home.

ev getting charged on a home driveway


Program Overview

  • Charge Ready Home provides rebates for single-family homes to complete electrical panel upgrades to install a Level 2 (L2) EV charger. 
  • Qualifying applicants can receive rebates of up to $4,200.
  • Income-qualified households and residents living in disadvantaged communities in the SCE service territory are eligible to apply.

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Why Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Electrical panel upgrades are often necessary if you plan to install an L2 charger for your EV and have an electrical panel of less than 200 amps. Upgrading your home’s electrical panel will help your home run more efficiently and increase the safety and efficacy of your electrical systems. 

Installing an additional 200 amps of electrical service for a charger provides additional benefits:  

  • Increased energy efficiency and potential energy cost savings. 
  • Reduced risks of electrical fires or malfunction of an old panel. 
  • Added capacity for electric devices and appliances or room additions. 
  • Enhanced property value when selling your home. 

Apply in 4 Easy Steps

Complete the actions below to receive your Charge Ready Home rebate:  

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Create Your Account

Click the “Create Account” tab and submit your information. 

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Find a Contractor

Use our contractor toolbar to locate an electrical contractor in your area, and have your contractor complete the application process using the Prequalification ID number you were given.  

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Complete the Panel Upgrade

Your contractor will work with you to complete the online process and submit the required documents. 

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Receive Your Rebate

You’re all set! The rebate will be delivered electronically to your contractor or mailed to you. 

Rebate Options for Charge Ready Home

SCE customers can qualify for the Charge Ready Home program in two ways:  

Receive up to $4,200

  • You live in a low-income household  

Income-qualified Rebate: Applicants can qualify for a $4,200 rebate if they live in a low-income household, defined as a household earning less than 80% of the area median income (AMI) or if they can provide proof of enrollment in at least one qualifying public assistance program.  


Receive up to $2,100

  • You live in a disadvantaged community 

Geographic-based Rebate: Applicants can qualify for a $2,100 rebate if they reside in a disadvantaged community (DAC), based on the SB353 Disadvantaged Communities Map.   

Buying an EV? Save Even More.

If you’re thinking about adding a pre-owned EV to your household, you can qualify for up to $4,000 in rebates with the POEV Rebate Program.